Tania’s philosophy of teaching is to impart the love of dance through the Cecchetti Method of ballet to all her pupils. There is a high level of enjoyment in her classes, building discipline and self-motivation within the art form.

Ballet classes are offered from 3-year-olds through to 18-year-olds and upwards. Tania regularly enters her pupils into ballet examinations from Cecchetti Primary level to Advanced 1 level for those eager and ready to have their technique formally assessed.

Levels of Dance

3 - 8 Years

Ballet classes for children ages 3-8. Creative and imaginative lessons learning the basics.
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9 - 13 Years

Ballet classes for children ages 9-13. Twice-weekly, structured ballet lessons building the Cecchetti technique
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14 Years Upwards

Ballet classes for ages 14 and up. Pupils enter more advanced syllabus work, starting from Cecchetti Grade 5 to the Advanced 1 Level.
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Providing unset weekly classes for adults who have danced previously

The highlight of Tania’s School of Ballet is the annual ballet show held at the Lesedi Theatre @ the Joburg Theatre in October each year.

This gives the pupils an opportunity to showcase their ballet technique and imparts important stage skills.

Join Tania’s School of Ballet and enjoy the love of dance

Studio Location

63 Galway Road, Parkview, Johannesburg


Enrolment Form

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Contact Details

Mobile: 083 332 1712
Email: tadoyle@telkomsa.net